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Chicago Poets Unite!

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Chicago Poets Unite! is an online community and web of relations for poets, artists, and slightly self-less creative folks in chicago. things are happening at places like the green mill and columbia, but moreso at word-of-mouth readings and be-in's conducted in apartments, parks, and coffee houses. info for events such as these, as well as free spoken word and instrumental pieces; artist bios and contact (gallery dates, website); and artist to artist messaging will all be available soon. a new charge, soon...

the new age is getting old, chords are getting old, wi-fi B.I.Y'ers are doing it themselves -- are beaming with brilliance manifested artistically through sonic visions, ballistic impromptu raw-minded beatitude resolving like tibetan paragon with singing bowl...

free, free, free...

om... ommm.. ommmmmmm..

enough of this bullshit!
sit down, earthling -- you are home

action over re-action, bad art, cheap art, communal brainstorming, free art, free speech, handpackaged music and literature, poetry, prose, subterranean bookpresses, unity